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Turning Off Autoscroll to Improve Run Times

By default, when you submit a SAS program, the Log window automatically scrolls the various log messages as they are generated. With a short program this is not a problem, but when you submit a large program, a considerable amount of resource is used up in updating the log window as the program runs.

To improve the run time of a SAS job, turn off the AUTOSCROLL option on the Log window using the following statement:

dm 'log; autoscroll 0';

To reinstate AUTOSCROLL, use the same statement as above, but supply a parameter of 1. The parameter value actually represents the number of lines to scroll when a new line is written.

AUTOSCROLL also applies to the Output window, but it is turned off by default.

Other parameter values that can be entered include PAGE which specifies that no lines are displayed until a complete page has been written and MAX which specifies no lines are displayed until the end of a procedure is reached. Both of these options can only be used with the Output window.