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Translating SAS Visual Analytics Reports to Foreign Languages

Translating your reports to a foreign language is easy using the File Localize feature in SAS Visual Analytics (available from version 7.1).

Design and save your report in English using Report Designer.

Translating SAS VA Reports 1

Select File Localize, and save a copy of the output text to a txt file by clicking Save to file

Translating SAS VA Reports 2

Translating SAS VA Reports 3

This file consists of the table/chart headers, axis labels, etc. Translate these into your chosen language, which for this example is French.

The first line of the txt file consists of the ISO 639 two letter language code (e.g. en), followed by the ISO 3166 country code (e.g. GB). Translate this for the language and country of interest. For example for French type fr. If you want to distinguish Canadian and French versions of the language add the country also. So, French spoken in France becomes fr_FR, as opposed to Canadian French, which is fr_CA. The finished translation is presented below.

Translating SAS VA Reports 4

Save this translated locale file (e.g. Pet_report_fr_FR.txt) and import into your report by selecting File Localize, Load for File . If you want your report in several different languages, create versions of the locale file in each language and load each. SAS will select the appropriate file to use dependant on the browser language setting.

To view the translated report, change the language setting for your browser. For example in Internet Explorer, select Internet Options Languages and then add your language and move to the top of the list.

Translating SAS VA Reports 5

Sign into a new session of SAS Visual Analytics and open your report.

Translating SAS VA Reports 6

Almost all of the report content in translated into French. In this example the table/chart titles and axis labels have been translated, with the exception of Population (millions).

In some cases you may want to translate the values of your data values as well. For example here the names of the pets (dog, cat, hamster, rabbit) are contained within the data and have not been translated. To translate your data values, create a new version of the data table with translated data values, or create a SAS format to translate your data values, and save a translated version of the table. Then using Report Designer, create a new version of the report and replace the data source with the translated data table. Save this translated version of the report. The final version of the report then looks like:

Translating SAS VA Reports 7