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SAS® Viya™: What is a Caslib?

A caslib is an in-memory container for SAS tables. In addition to data, the caslib also holds information about the data source, including access control information for users. Within a CAS session, it is only possible to have one active caslib at any one time. On this basis, if a new caslib is assigned, any previously active caslibs will be deactivated.

Types of Caslib 

Three types of caslibs are available within SAS Viya:

  • Personal caslibs
    By default, all users are given access to their own caslib, named casuser, within a CAS session.  This is a personal caslib and is only accessible to the user who owns the CAS session.
  • Pre-defined caslibs
    These are defined by an administrator and are available to all CAS sessions (dependent on access controls).
  • Manually added caslibs
    These can be added at any point to perform ad-hoc analysis within CAS.

Caslib Scope

For these three types of caslib, each can have their own scope.  They are defined as either:

  • Session caslibs
    These are available only to those within the session where the caslib was created.  The name of these caslibs must be unique within the session.
  • Global caslibs
    These are available to anyone who has access to the CAS Server (dependent on access controls). The name of these caslibs must be unique across all CAS sessions on the server.