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Referencing BY Group Values Within Titles

When using 'by group' processing to output reports, the #byval function can be used to include the name of the 'by group' within the title.

In order to include the value on a report use the #byval function followed by the group variable to be displayed. Note that the nobyline option must be present in order to display the correct titles.

options nobyline;
proc sort data=sashelp.class out=work.class; by sex; run;
proc print data=work.class noobs; var name sex age; by sex; title "These people have a gender of #byval(sex)"; run;

Producing the following results:

These people have a gender of F
Name       Sex    Age
Alice       F      13
Barbara     F      13
Carol       F      14
Jane        F      12
Janet       F      15
Joyce       F      11
Judy        F      14
Louise      F      12
Mary        F      15

These people have a gender of M Name Sex Age Alfred M 14 Henry M 14 James M 12 Jeffrey M 13 John M 12 Philip M 16 Robert M 12 Ronald M 15 Thomas M 11 William M 15