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A new procedure was introduced with SAS 9.3 that allows SAS Intelligence Platform Administrators to programmatically interact with various types of SAS server.
Consider the following example. It connects to a specified server name using integrated authentication. As such your client username and password must be authorised to perform server tasks, otherwise you will need to sign-in with a username who, typically, is a member of the SAS Administrators group. Connecting to port 8561 implies we have connected to the metadata server.

There are two LIST commands. The first prints a list of valid METADATA commands to the log. The second command returns the current metadata server log to a data set in your work library, from where you can manipulate it.

proc iomoperate;
    connect host='avsas931.amadeus.local'
    list commands;
    list log out = metadata_log;
proc print data=metadata_log;

Unlike METADATA and METAOPERATE procedures, the IOMOPERATE procedure is the only procedure that can connect and interact with all types of IOM server. This procedure has interesting uses for batch operations too.