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Organise Your Calendar With SAS

There are many calendar applications available, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes, iCal, the list goes on! They all enable to you to easily schedule repeating events but typically only as long as a regular repeat pattern is used, such as the same day each month or week. Scheduling repeated appointments which do not follow a set pattern typically requires creating each appointment separately which can be laborious and prone to error.

Fortunately, most calendar applications now support a standard format, known as iCalendar, for importing and exporting appointments to a simple text file which can be shared with whoever we wish. We can make lives easy for ourselves by feeding the appointment details into a data step and letting SAS do the hard work of creating an iCalendar file.

The result of executing the following SAS code, which uses a fairly straightforward data step with a custom date format, is an iCalendar file which can be opened with or imported into the calendar application of your choice. Amending the filename statement, calendar name, calendar description and appointment details in the data step datalines will allow you to create your own calendars.

At the time of writing the current full iCalendar specification can be found here: