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Mass Re-Deployment of Troops

Sorry for any confusion stemming from the title of this tip, hopefully not too many military enthusiasts are about to be disappointed, but if your troops are your army of data integration jobs which bravely do battle on a regular basis to extract, transform and load your data then this could be the tip for you.

Modifying your SAS Data Integration jobs will typically result in the need to re-deploy them for scheduling. If you have updated a significant number of jobs then this can be a laborious process as the obvious way to do re-deploy them is one-by-one. However slightly hidden away on SAS Data Integration Studio's Tools menu is the solution, more formally known as the "Redeploy Jobs for Scheduling" tool.

This handy tool allows you to select, from the list of deployed jobs, the jobs that you would like to re-deploy (potentially every single one at the click of the mouse) and then re-deploys them all in one go for you. So to continue our (already stretched) analogy it is like the Drill Sergeant of DI jobs! It is so simple to use that an in depth description is not required in this tip, but it can certainly help save an awful lot of time.