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How to Pass a Varying List of Parameters to a Macro

Ever found yourself coding something like this, where you call the same macro x number of times for a list of variables:

  %macro MyMacro(MyVar);
    ...... Perform some function against &MyVar ......

Now consider this :

  %macro MyList(MyVar)/parmbuff;
    %let i = 1;
    /* Get the first Parameter */
    %let parm_&i = %scan(&syspbuff,&i,%str(%(,%))); 
    /* While current parm is not blank */
    %do %while (%str(&&parm_&i.) ne %str());
       ...... Perform some function against &&parm_&i ...... 
      %let i = %eval(&i+1); 
      /* Get next parm */
      %let parm_&i = %scan(&syspbuff,&i,%str(%(,%)));
  %mend ;

All we are doing in the here is calling the Macro with a varying list of parameters and then looping through that list, performing the same action against each entry. All we need do to achieve this is use the /PARMBUFF option on the macro definition, and then extract each item individually from the &SYSPBUFF macro variable.