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Distributing Options to Groups of Enterprise Guide Users

Enterprise Guide provides users with the ability to customise their session by specifying system options. Whereas this is extremely useful, it is sometimes beneficial to have a standard set of site specific options pre-defined. These options may, for example, define default server initialisation code (similar to an autoexec) or even set up the companies default ODS destination and style. This is especially relevant when Enterprise Guide is to be deployed across an organisation and there is a need to enforce a standard way of working.

The SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer application can be used to achieve this. The 'Explorer' can be opened from the 'Tools' menu in Enterprise Guide. The 'Customize Enterprise Guide Options' dialog is accessed from the Explorer's 'Tools' menu. This opens what looks initially like a regular Options window but this dialog can be used to set default values for any given option.

Distributing Options to groups of Enterprise Guide Users2

Once defaults have been selected, the 'Save As' button exports these settings to an XML file. The default name of EGOptions.xml should be retained here as Enterprise Guide will automatically look for this file to apply default settings. The next task is to distribute this file to all of the required users.

Enterprise Guide maintains individual profile information for each user, typically on the C drive of the client machine. For example, ''C:UsersUser.NameAppDataRoamingSAS EnterpriseGuide4.3'. Navigating to this location should reveal an existing EGOptions.xml file which contains the current option settings. This file needs to be overwritten for each user with the version just created in order to apply the new default settings.

These options will be set and will be available when the user next starts Enterprise Guide. From this point, each option can be changed as the user sees fit.