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Creating Analyses That Can Then be Applied to Any Data Set

The following tip explains how you can create an analysis in JMP using one data set and then apply that same analysis to a number of different data sets in JMP.

To apply an analysis to a number of different data sets, the first step is to run the analysis on the original table. From the output generated, select the main output hotspot in the top left hand corner of the window. From the drop down menu select Script, followed by the option Save Script to Script Window.

Image 1

The following window will open, containing the script used to run the analysis. To save the script select File -> Save.

This script is not specific to any data set. To run the analysis on further open data sets in the JMP session select the drop down menu in the tool bar and select the appropriate data set.

Image 2

Note that, variable names must be the same in each table. If this is not the case, then rename the columns to match those of the original table or replace the old variable names with the new variable names in the script.

Further analyses can be added to the script if the script is kept open in JMP.

Through the same process as shown previously by selecting the analysis hot spot and then Script -> Save Script to Script Window each additional analysis script is appended to the last.

The following example appends a tabulate analysis under the regression analysis script previously saved.

Image 3

Image 4