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Concatenating WORK Library Locations

As the use of SAS® grows across the business and data volumes increase, the size of the WORK library may become insufficient to support SAS processing.  Users may begin to experience errors such as:

ERROR: Insufficient space in file WORK.'SASTMP-000000102'n.UTILITY.
ERROR: File WORK.'SASTMP-000000102'n.UTILITY is damaged. I/O processing did not complete.

To spread the I/O processing over multiple disks, SAS can be configured to use multiple drives for the WORK library.  SAS will dynamically allocate the SASWORK location for each session.

​Firstly, on the SAS Application Server, create a file (e.g. SASWORK.txt) with a list of directories to use for SASWORK: 

Concatenating Work Library Locations Image 1

The 'Method=' option allows you to choose how to decide which drive to allocate sessions to:

'Method=random' - Random allocation

'Method=space' - Allocates the drive with the most space

Secondly, modify the appropriate sasv9.cfg file for which you want the changes to take effect and instead of specifying a directory for the -WORK option, provide a file reference:

Concatenating Work Library Locations Image 2

Finally, once the above has been tested and confirmed working, be sure to update the SAS Cleanwork utility to include all additional drives used by SASWORK:

"C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\cleanwork.exe" /v  E: F: G: ​/verbose