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Automatic Filtering of User Data

In some situations data might be user sensitive and locked down such that only the owner can view it. There is a quick method of automatically setting this up by using Data Step Views and capturing the user logging details.

By creating a view using PROC SQL we can pre-filter the data so that only data related to the owner (userid) present in the table is matched against the user logging details. The SQL procedure contains a USER literal word to achieve this, but otherwise using the &SYSUSERID macro variable can also produce the required results.

data sales;
  length userid $20;
  if region='Africa' then userid='John Smith';
  else if region='Asia' then userid='Elena.Muriel';
  else if region='Canada' then userid='';
  else if region='Pacific' then userid='';

proc sql;
create view mysales as
select * from sales
where upcase(userid)=upcase(user);

Automatic filtering will occur when accessing the view created.