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SWAT’s it all about? SAS® Viya® for Python Users

Python® is described within the community as the “second-best language for everything” (CALLAHAN, 2018).  The strength of Python as a language stems from its huge range of uses including as a tool for data science.  Python is taught on many university courses and as a result there are a vast number of coders with Python skills in the data science industry.  Last year at Amadeus we explored the use of SASpy as an initial tool to bridge the gap between Python and SAS 9.4 (FOREMAN, 2018), this year we move on to look at integration with SAS Viya®.

In July 2016, SAS® released Python SWAT (Scripting Wrapper for Analytics Transfer), a Python library. It allows connections to CAS (Cloud Analytic Services) and therefore opens up SAS Viya’s functionality to Python users.  SWAT allows users who do not have a SAS background to perform their data manipulation and analytics using more familiar Pythonic syntax whilst still harnessing the power of CAS and SAS Viya.

In this paper we will demonstrate the use of Python SWAT to first connect to a CAS session, load data from Python into CAS and use CAS action sets to analyze it.  We will then make the data available to other applications such as SAS Visual Analytics to demonstrate some of the functionality this gives. 

SWAT’s it all about? SAS Viya® for Python Users