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SAS® and Python: The Perfect Partners in Crime

Python is often one of the first languages that any programmer will study.  In 2017, Python ® was named as the world’s most popular language by the IEEE Spectrum research group (Smit, 2017) and was named third in the list of popular programming languages taught within the UK (Murphy, Crick and Davenport 2017).  In April 2017, SAS ® introduced the SASPy project, a package that can be installed on top of Python 3 to connect to a Python session to a SAS 9.4 or SAS Viya ® 3.1 workspace session (Hemedinger, 2017). 

This SAS workspace session connectivity allows any authenticated users to utilize many of the procedures available within the SAS environment, the majority of which are also available by using the Python programming language.  This enables users to have the freedom to code in a language of their choice with the view of achieving the same results.

SASPy also includes a method which can convert any compatible Python coding which is submitted, into the SAS coding equivalent.  This allows both SAS coders and Python coders to work side by side, in addition to aiding those Python coders in their learning of the SAS programming language.

SAS and Python: The Perfect Partners in Crime