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SAS Enterprise Guide

Course Length - 2 Days

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Enterprise Guide software, a point and click interface to the SAS System. After the course, attendees will be able to use Enterprise Guide to create projects, access, manage and manipulate their data, construct queries, run tasks, create and customise reports and graphs, and produce prompted flows. This course is presented in SAS Enterprise Guide version 8 and is relevant to Enterprise Guide versions 8.1 and above.

Version 7 Enterprise Guide available on request.

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SAS Enterprise Guide Public Course Dates

Due to Covid-19 all Amadeus training will be delivered via live web classes. Our live Web classes are as interactive as our classroom training, there are also some benefits - no travelling time and costs!


This course is designed for computer users as a comprehensive introduction to SAS Enterprise Guide® software.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


E1 lntroduction

  • What is SAS Software?
  • What is SAS Enterprise Guide?
  • An Example Enterprise Guide Project
  • Introduction to the Environment

E2 Enterprise Guide Projects

  • Project Handling
  • Process Flows
  • Projects not Required
  • SAS Programs

E3 SAS Data

  • Opening and Viewing Data
  • What is a Library?
  • Importing Data
  • Exporting Data

E4 Working with Tasks

  • Overview of Tasks
  • Selecting Data for Tasks
  • Adding Tasks to a Project
  • Assigning Variables to Roles and Running Tasks
  • Viewing Task Output and Logs

E5 Data Manipulation Tasks

  • Manipulating Data

E6 The Query and Joining Data

  • The Query Builder Task
  • Joining Tables

E7 Computing New Columns

  • Creating Computed Columns
  • Computing Summary Statistics 
  • Additional Query Builder Options 

E8 SAS Formats and Dates

  • Formats Overview
  • Creating Formats
  • Calculations with Date and Time

E9 Analysing and Reporting Data

  • Analysing Data
  • Visualising Data

E10 Automating Projects

  • Autoexec
  • Prompts
  • Conditional Processing