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Fundamental ODS Graphics

Course Length - 2 Days

After two days of instructor lead tuition attendees will be able to:

  • Produce high quality graphical outputs with the following SAS/GRAPH procedures:
    • SGPLOT
  • Customise the appearance of graphical outputs by controlling properties like axes, reference lines, legends and text
  • Use the ODS Graphics Designer to build templates and render graphics
  • Use ODS styles elements and attribute maps to customise the appearance of graphics
  • Understand how to store graphics in various ODS destinations and file formats
  • Work with statements in the Graph Template Language to customise the layout of graphics


Fundamental ODS Graphics Public Course Dates

Due to Covid-19 all Amadeus training will be delivered via live web classes. Our live Web classes are as interactive as our classroom training, there are also some benefits - no travelling time and costs!


Existing users of SAS language who wish to present graphics to publication quality, using the latest release of SAS software.

Attendees should expect to program with new procedures and functionality introduced in SAS 9.2 and SAS 9.3.


This course is intended for those who have previously attended the Amadeus SAS Fundamentals course or equivalent. Additionally we recommend that attendees have three months of regular SAS programming experience to gain the most benefit from this course.


OG1 Introduction

  • Objectives
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • What is ODS Graphics Software?
  • Creating Graphs
  • Enhancing Graphs
  • Workshop Session

OG2 Introduction to Plots with the SGPLOT Procedure

  • The SGPLOT Procedure
  • Basic Plots
  • Workshop Session

OG3 Creating Statistical Plots with the SGPLOT Procedure

  • Statistical Plots
  • Distribution Plots
  • Categorisation Plots
  • Fit and Confidence Plots (Optional)
  • Other Statistical Plots
  • Workshop Session

OG4 Controlling Plot Appearance and Attributes

  • Controlling Axes
  • Adding Lines
  • Adding Key Information and Other Text
  • Standard SAS Statements
  • STYLEATTRS Statement
  • Attributes Maps
  • User-Defined Symbols
  • Setting Attributes
  • Options to the Proc SGPLOT Statement
  • SGPLOT Summary
  • Workshop Session

OG5 Creating Panelled Plots with the SGSCATTER and SGPANEL Procedures

  • Introduction
  • Proc SGPANEL
  • Proc SGSCATTER (Optional)
  • Workshop Session

OG6 The Graphics Template Language and the SGRENDER Procedure

  • GTL and Proc SGRENDER
  • Workshop Session

OG7 Using the ODS Graphics Designer

  • What is the ODS Graphics Designer?
  • Starting the ODS Graphics Designer
  • Creating a New Graph Using the Graph Gallery
  • More Graphs from the Gallery
  • Adding Plots and Cells to a Graph
  • Autocharts
  • Workshop Session

OG8 Using Plots Created with the ODS Graphics Designer

  • Ordinary Graphs
  • Shared Variable (SV) Graphs
  • Using Dynamic Text Strings
  • Limitations
  • Workshop Session

OG9 Graphics and the Output Delivery System

  • Exporting Graphics with the Output Delivery System
  • HTML Techniques
  • Using Styles
  • Graph Size and Resolution
  • Workshop Session