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Fundamental Business Statistics for SAS

Course Length - 1 Day

After the course, attendees will be able to apply various statistical methods for both continuous and discrete data, to interpret the output from SAS procedures and to store information via the output delivery system for subsequent reporting. The course will cover both descriptive and graphical data exploration techniques, hypothesis testing, sampling methods and the comparison of two groups of data. The course uses procedures from Base SAS software, SAS/STAT software and SAS/GRAPH software.


Fundamental Business Statistics for SAS Public Course Dates

Due to Covid-19 all Amadeus training will be delivered via live web classes. Our live Web classes are as interactive as our classroom training, there are also some benefits - no travelling time and costs!


This course is for statisticians, data analysts and scientists wishing to explore and analyse data with the SAS System. The course is appropriate for those making use of statistics in all industries.


Attendees should have an understanding of statistical concepts and be trained to at least fundamental level in SAS. Whilst this course provides a brief overview of each methodology discussed, it does not intend to teach statistical methods. This course demonstrates how to utilise SAS to apply statistical methodologies and how to interpret the output generated by SAS procedures.


BS1 Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Types of Data
  • Statistical Analysis
  • SAS Procedures
  • Workshop Session

BS2 Exploring Continuous Data

  • Summarising Continuous Data
  • Outputting Data
  • Normal Distribution
  • Summarising Non-Normal Data
  • Summarising Variability
  • Exploring Data Graphically
  • Workshop Session

BS3 Comparing Two Groups of Data

  • Student's t-Test
  • Non-Parametric Hypothesis Tests
  • Workshop Session

BS4 Exploring Discrete Data

  • Frequency Distribution Tables
  • Workshop Session

BS5 Selecting Samples of Data

  • Sampling Overview
  • Sampling With and Without Replacement
  • Systematic Random Sampling
  • Stratified Random Sampling
  • Sequential Random Sampling
  • Probability Proportional to Size (PPS) Sampling
  • Workshop Session

BS6 Statistics in the DATA Step (Optional)

  • Descriptive Statistics in the DATA Step
  • Rounding
  • Financial Functions
  • Random Number Generating