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As demand for your business function grows, let us put focused solutions to work, allowing your output to grow without growing your team.

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SAS Customer Intelligence

We deliver omnichannel customer relationships. From outbound to inbound, traditional offline channels to real-time interactions, we help you build your marketing environments, design and execute your campaigns, collect data from the customer interactions. Supported by customer insight analytics, operationalised by SAS Marketing Automation, SAS Marketing Optimisation and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager.


SAS Customer Intelligence 360

Gain insights from the digital customer journey across many digital channels and integrate it with traditional customer data sources. Engage customers via tailoring the customer experience to each individual customer’s journey.


SAS Risk Solutions

Manage your governance, risk and compliance data and processes with appropriate SAS Solutions like SAS Enterprise GRC. Surface the factual and assessment data entry, collection, calculation, audit trail and reporting on any processes across your organisation including operational risks, losses, gains, incidents, recoveries, risk controls, action plans and key risk indicators.


SAS Hadoop Big Data Solutions

We harness your Hadoop deployment with SAS for data analytics.  Through either High-Performance Analytics for In-Database processing, or SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop, we reveal patterns and information from vast file stores otherwise too cumbersome to analyse.