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Empowering your retail business' future with data science

The effective way to support your business decisions with data insights

Demand forecasting

Forecasting demand allows you to make informed stock decisions – products, sizes, colours, styles, seasons. This can avoid capital tied up in surplus stock or risking demand outstripping supply and losing customers to the dreaded “out of stock”.

Pricing Optimisation

Develop dynamic pricing strategies that work to suit your customers' pricing sensitivities whilst ensuring maximum profitability for the business. 

What-if scenario testing

Testing alternative approaches to find the one most likely to meet your objectives, whether that be entering a new market, targeting a new customer segment, managing customer calls or overcoming another existing challenge. 

Product recommendation

Maximising the value you generate from individual shoppers. Use historic purchases and buying behaviour to inform product recommendation and basket analysis, ensuring you target shoppers with the options best suited to their tastes, increasing the chance of conversion and maximising revenue. 

Marketing optimisation

Identifying essential marketing insight, such as which channels generate most value through sales, which attract most new customers and which campaigns are most effective. This can then be replicated to help your marketing teams meet their targets and grow customer engagement across all channels.