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ic data science

Data Science and Analytics

Applying sophisticated data modelling and analytics tools for repeatable decision-making and reliable projections

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Our Data Science experts deliver Artificial Intelligence from Machine Learning methods to realise maximum value from your data to inform decisions. Modelling can be completed using all key languages, including SAS, MySQL, Python and R to inform decisions for the present and the future.


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Deep Learning automate your organisation’s decision making – no matter the amount of data, let it be existing legacy data or Big Data.  AI provides prescriptive decision making to personal customisations.


We apply models to your time series data to discover trends, calculate seasonality and forecast future scenarios. These can include sales/ revenue, capacity/ demand, profit/ value and across the marketing mix or econometric modelling and are designed to inform efficiencies across your organisation.

Propensity Modelling

We assess your customer data for accurate insights into their propensity to behave in predefined ways. This provides insights to enable up-selling and cross-selling and generates understanding of customer loyalty, fraud and risk across industries.


We divide your customer base into homogeneous groups according to characteristics, traits and behaviours. This stimulates powerful, targeted marketing campaigns to enable the conversion of prospects into valuable, loyal customers.

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Data Mining and Reporting

We use models and algorithms to generate patterns and actionable insights from your organisation’s Big Data. This informs market and customer profiling, the creation of KPIs, significance testing and bespoke reporting amongst other insights to enhance ongoing campaigns.


We run “What-If” simulations to identify the best direction for your marketing strategy based upon what offers maximum potential for your organisation.


We identify the prime market position for your organisation – balancing profit margins against demand in the existing marketplace to pinpoint your optimal strategy for resource efficiency. Insights include campaign design, business restructuring or which products offer maximum potential.

In action: pricing optimisation white paper

Don't have the resources available in-house to support Data Science? Amadeus' Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) provides answers and actionable insight to your business-critical questions without the need for internal software, platforms or skills.

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