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Why Upgrade and Migrate Your SAS System?

Amadeus’ team of SAS experts has a successful history of managing clients’ SAS upgrades and migration projects. Their extensive experience and expertise ensure projects don’t encounter the usual risks, costs and challenges that are associated with upgrades, giving clients absolute confidence in the service they receive. 

Here are some of the key considerations in preparation for embarking on a modernisation and migration project. 

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading and Migrating?

  • SAS Institute regularly releases new features and enhancements to their software and, whether they are small or significant, these improve functionality and enable companies to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. 
  •  As new methods emerge in the data analytics industry, software evolves to include new analytical methods. 
  • The careers of your employees depend upon their skill sets remaining up to date. By migrating to newer versions of SAS and encouraging appropriate knowledge transfer, your organisation will recognise improved motivation and performance amongst your teams, and the reputation of your firm will benefit in the long term.  
  • As hardware and operating system changes occur, it is essential organisations respond. To run an operating system without support from its vendor is a big risk and almost always unacceptable.

Why Do Organisations Delay Migration?

  • Putting a project team together consisting of stakeholders from IT, business units and potentially procurement requires resources and often needs lead time.  Even when the majority of effort is assigned to Amadeus, we insist on a nominated point of contact, to ensure your key stakeholders read our status reports and issue logs.  
  • Whilst SAS provide the updates to their software within the cost of your license fee, there are other costs to consider, such as new hardware, and the cost of hours for project management, testing, training etc.
  • It is very rare that a migration is performed to an untried environment. If you use Amadeus to deliver your migration project, the knowledge and experience of our Consultants mitigates the risk of the unknown. 

How Do Amadeus Enable Customer Migrations?

  • Amadeus has been performing software upgrades, application, solution and environment migrations for a quarter of a century. We have the cumulative knowledge and experience to plan projects, foresee pitfalls and set the appropriate expectations for project success. We try, test and inspect new versions of SAS Software before we take it to market for production use. We talk to SAS R&D staff, develop and adopt best practices.
  • By repetitively performing migration services Amadeus introduce confidence and certainty to projects.
  • Through following best practices and appropriate post configuration tasks from the outset, Amadeus prevents future remedial tasks, thereby reducing future maintenance costs.
  • Our Amadeus team will perform and document system testing, including IQ, OQ and PQ test suits, for any SAS upgrade. Appropriate functional testing is carried out to ensure the platform and environment is fit and robust for its intended purpose. We will provide documentation of the post configuration tasks performed and locations of settings and files – this must be retained for future maintenance and migrations.

What if You Are Using the Cloud?

  • This is no problem - most organisations are now using a cloud for one or more business applications. With a number of years’ experience of managing SAS environments in the cloud, our experts are perfectly placed to help you with this. You can read more about hosting your SAS environment in the cloud here.
  • Can we give Amadeus the SAS license, data and expect analytics?  Of course, Amadeus offers a Managed Services package where our team is seen as an extension of your own. This is an increasingly popular option amongst organisations, who need to focus on their business, rather than the business of analytics.

When Should You Migrate?

  • Why not take your next step now? The lead time to planning the project will vary depending on the extent of your estate and your desire to extend your software capability within software migrations.
  • Do not fix timescales based on proposed software publication dates as these can often change. 
  • Should your organisation wait until the software has bedded in, or even adopt an “n-1” policy?  Whilst there is certainly merit in allowing newly-released software the time to gain marketplace knowledge after major releases, software release practices are matured such that waiting for the next release of software only allows your competitors to take the advantage.  

If you’d like to discuss your organisation’s individual situation, contact our team today.