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What is Data Visualisation and How Can it Support My Organisation?

Amadeus Visualisation Questions2

Find the answers to these questions and more using sophisticated data visualisation

The power of your data is not purely limited by the volume of data, nor by the speed at which your platform can conduct data modelling. Whilst both these factors are important, neither can achieve maximum advantage without visualising the story of your data. Effective visualisation means your reports and dashboards do not require explanation, allowing decisions to be taken with confidence and speed. 

What are the benefits of enhanced visualisations for you and your organisation?

Data visualisation is epitomised by the adage “a picture tells a thousand words”. It’s cliché but, nonetheless, accurate. With the ever-increasing amounts of data being collected by organisations, you could be forgiven for believing the best decisions are reached after wading through reams and reams of data output. However, that is not efficient nor effective – trends could be missed, past performance could be ignored, forecasts could be inaccurate and key understanding could be misinformed.

However, encapsulate those reams of data and insight using appropriate visualisation techniques and your organisation can benefit from the following:

  • Faster reactions
  • Better decisions
  • Accurate forecasting and prediction of future trends
  • The ability to respond to a forecast situation before it occurs to avoid detrimental impact on your brand.

How can Amadeus provide your data visualisation?

Our Amadeus experts have many years of experience supporting customer decision making through the delivery of visual dashboards. Reports are designed from standard principals to meet individual needs, but always better support your organisation at a tactical, operational or strategic level.

Get in touch with our experts1

One of the software solutions we recommend is SAS® Visual Analytics. We provide Visual Analytics on-premise or in the cloud and deliver automatically repeating dashboards or reports within days or weeks of your selection to work with Amadeus. We provide knowledge so your teams can continue to maintain and optimise future visualisations or, if you prefer, Amadeus provides a fully managed service.

Why Choose SAS Visual Analytics

Contact our team of SAS experts today to discuss your current situation and what benefits you can expect with the support of data visualisation expertise from Amadeus Software.