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Transform Your Marketing Campaigns with SAS Customer Intelligence

Offering a personalised brand experience is essential for the success of any modern marketing campaign, as well as ongoing customer engagement. But this can be a big commitment for organisations, where’s the return? Easy, a recent survey revealed that customers are 5.2 times more likely to buy from an organisation that offers a great customer experience (1). The only way to achieve this is by gaining a true understanding your customers’ needs and expectations, and by offering a consistent, relevant experience across a range of platforms. Your data has the power to get you there. SAS, the market leader in data analytics, has a software solution that has transformed consumer-centric marketing. 

Welcome to SAS Customer Intelligence...

SAS Customer Intelligence draws together any data source allowing users to trace individual customer journeys. With the support of industry leading analytics, organisations have the knowledge and capabilities to tailor marketing resources to customers’ individual habits and interests. It simplifies communication with customers and gives your users the ability to report and analyse customer interactions. The sophistication of your campaigns is controlled through customer segmentation and predictive analytics, helping to identify which messages will resonate most with which customers. SAS Customer Intelligence simplifies communication, allowing users to report on and analyse customer interaction with your business and its communications quickly and easily.

66 Omnichannel Marketing Customer Intelligence Amadeus Software

Data, what your organisation stores and how it is processed, is increasingly regulated through the likes of the GDPR. In order to successfully generate messaging personalised to individual households and customers, your organisation requires good, rich data. Did you know, 66% of customers are happy to share their data on the understanding that companies do not abuse their trust (2). Working with SAS you have complete security and data lineage - we will help you recognise that far more than 66% of your customers will trust you with rich information.

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With 94% of marketers agreeing that a personalised digital experience is vital for the ongoing success of their business (3), can you afford not to follow suit? To empower your organisation’s omnichannel marketing efforts going forward with the strength of SAS Customer Intelligence, buy it today from our team of SAS experts – call us on +44 (0)1993 848010 or email us.


Click here to download our fact sheet "Eight key benefits brought to you by SAS Customer Intelligence".

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(1) Source: Marketeer      (2) Source: GSMA        (3) Source: iPerceptions 

The identification of the personal information within your organisation’s SAS essential is essential to ensure compliance with regulations regarding data governance, including GDPR. So, whether you are at the end of your data governance journey, or are still seeking to understand the scale of the issue, the following use case is a must-read. 

Visit our blog "The Whys and Hows of Identifying Personal Data Within SAS®" for further discussion into the impact of data governance regulations within your organisation. 

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