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Simple steps to generate massive TCO savings

Analytics and data science never stands still. With fierce competition, growing expectations and the technology itself continuing to evolve quickly, analytics providers are battling to earn their position as top of mind. SAS itself has pledged to invest $1 billion in AI over the next few years to ensure their software continues to lead the way for customers across all industries, helping them to maximise value generated from their data.

There can be a real temptation for customers to remain sedentary with their analytics environments, however, that simply won’t pay. It’s understandable. After all, you invest in expensive software and you build processes around it which will be impacted if you make changes elsewhere.

To help customers ensure their analytics environment continue to meet their needs for the long term, Amadeus is pleased to support the development of a more modern approach to your platform.

Unified, portable, modern

What is a “modern” analytical environment?

The form this takes in practice depends predominantly on customers’ expectations of their software. However, there are key considerations that will apply to all. The steps required aren’t necessarily a change but a modernisation of what you already have.

But why modernise your analytics platform?

There are many big advantages to choosing to evolve your analytics platform. Think of:

  • Analytics value increased by millions of pounds over three years thanks to efficiencies, productivity and speed of insight generation
  • Centralised analytics – all elements of your analytics strategy are managed from one platform
  • Increased platform resilience
  • Open source capabilities – embracing alternative programming languages such as R and Python.

In the past, we have seen businesses attempt to circumnavigate platform evolution with smaller, piecemeal changes. These moves, such as simply recoding analytics applications or migrating to the cloud, pose significant risks of their own, such as escalating costs and major short-term productivity losses. That’s why, as a business, we encourage our customers to take the longer term approach…

Find out more about SAS’ cloud-enabled platform, SAS® Viya®

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To take the first step towards modernising your analytics platform to target more powerful, flexible environment, get in touch with our experts today.