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Scale: Balancing your Compute Capability Against Demand

Scale is about ensuring that platforms are able to deal with the data provided in a time-efficient manner, enabling analysts to make real-time decisions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is producing data at the fastest rate ever through social media, mobile phones, smart meters and more.  With all of this data being generated and “big data” the norm, the emphasis on a platforms ability to scale has grown even more in importance and should be at the forefront of architects’ minds when designing an analytical platform.

Not only is the size of our data growing, but the items from which data is captured is growing also. Machines on production lines and delivery trucks around the world, electronic and mechanical sensors are capturing metrics and generating data in real time are only some examples of this.  With volumes growing and the cost of storage shrinking, taking advantage of this data before it is no longer relevant can be challenging.

So why should a platform be scalable? A platform needs to be able to adapt to cope with sudden influxes of data or short term intensive analytics, ensuring that analysts have adequate power available.  This means that a platform is required to grow and shrink as and when needed.  By utilising SAS® Viya™ and cloud services, administrators can be confident that they have the power to scale up processing capabilities to take advantage of the data in real-time. 

Scale doesn’t necessarily refer to just the increasing or decreasing of compute power.  It’s also possible to scale out platform and resolve bottlenecks by processing data at the point at which it’s generated (Edge analytics).  With improvements in technology and utilising SAS solutions, processing can be brought to the data, i.e. “to the edge”.  Instead of the traditional approach of collecting, storing and analysing data, it can be processed as soon as it is generated, allowing analysts to make real-time, accurate decisions using the latest data available through SAS Event Stream Processing. 

As administrators of the platform, you need to have the confidence in your platform to know that it will be able to handle whatever it’s challenged to do.  That's why Amadeus provides Consultancy and Managed Services for the SAS platform - and only the SAS platform.  

Learn more about the importance of Analytical Modernisation in today's world in our recent blog. To engage Amadeus to ensure your platform is scalable and adaptable, contact us today. Remember to share your thoughts and experiences on this topic with us using the hashtag #BeCanDo.