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Case Study: Health and Fitness Retailer Implements Essential Sales Analytics to Maximise Future Profitability

Implementation of a cloud analytics platform to realise enhanced brand recognition and enable rapid growth within the highly competitive health and fitness retail market.

Case Study Imagery

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Our customer is a hugely popular retail brand within the health and fitness industry. Within six years of launch, the company was targeting an annual turnover of £100m, with a dedicated customer base across the globe.

Business Issue

The customer had no sophisticated environment to support advanced analytics and reporting of its essential sales data. This meant there was little insight to inform its business-critical decisioning for future development and to form the basis for achieving faster sales growth.

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Underlying Causes

Our customer experienced huge success within a very short space of time. Such fast-paced development meant the business’ existing hardware and software for managing sales data was not equipped to support such a high level of demand, rendering it ineffective for the huge volume of sales information available. This made it difficult to generate any useful insights, making the process both complex and expensive.


The customer sought to implement a new, cloud solution which could provide real-time analytics and easy-to-interpret visualisations of business-critical sales data. These would be used to inform business decisions for the future. Key customer considerations were cost and flexibility.

Amadeus Solution Delivered

Within just three weeks, Amadeus had implemented the following:

  • The installation of a brand new, ready-to-use cloud analytics platform. A traditional on-premise equivalent could have taken weeks longer to implement, realising the customer essential time and cost savings.
  • The creation of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), built on a dedicated server using elastic cloud computing:

           - Configured to allow access for required end-users in remote locations.
           - Pay-as-you-go cloud computing payment structure provided cost optimisation and flexibility for the customer as costs were only incurred when the infrastructure was in use.
           - Failover/ recovery provisions in place.

  • Automated data modelling reports:

           - Displaying key business statistics and insight to inform future business decisions.
           - Generated by just the click of a button - simplifying the process, achieving time-savings and avoiding the potential for human error during report creation.

  • Provision of a Managed Services support contract, including on-demand incident management and ongoing platform maintenance. This removed the need for on-site staff to support the platform, leaving them free to focus on other business-critical tasks.

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The decision to host the analytics platform in the cloud (instead of choosing an on-premise solution) realised 20% cost savings for the customer in the first year. Additionally, the charges for cloud platforms are more transparent and flexible than the sometimes-opaque costs associated with total ownership of an on-premise solution.

By opting for a cloud analytics platform, it was implemented and signed-off within just three weeks - a time saving of at least 25% compared to an equivalent on-premise solution. This allowed the customer’s teams to get their analytics up and running much quicker and start reaping the rewards.

The subsequent output provided insight such as:

  • Which sales promotions generated most sales;
  • Key customer types and age groups;
  • Major sources of new business.

With such powerful insight, business heads could make decisions to maximise future sales based on concrete evidence of past experience.

Download a printer friendly version of our customer case study