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Modernise Your Analytics to Maximise Returns

Today, we have hardware that makes possible the volume and speed of computation only dreamt of a few years ago.  In this blog we will explore exactly what Analytical Modernisation does for us in our businesses and organisations to provide ongoing competitive advantage.

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Analytical Modernisation can be broken down across four main headings:


Making statistics revealing and fun by shielding the complex mathematics, and moving away from the need to learn programming languages.  We make analytics approachable by empowering analysts with the means to innovate, whilst retaining oversight and control of the analytical platform.  Unified visual interfaces cradle analysts through building and deploying predictive models, increasing their effectiveness without depending on the most highly-qualified statisticians.

With the impending GDPR enforcement deadline of May 2018, transparent data processing, data governance and a clear understanding of where data comes from and goes to within your organisation has never been more important.  Approachability should not be, and is not impeded by GDPR for SAS users. 


Growth in the analytics industry is set to continue at over 20% again this year.  That's a remarkable and consistent demand for the knowledge brought by what we do.  Such growth brings openings and an inevitable skills shortage.  By opening the SAS platform through REST APIs, analysts can use familiar programming languages to leverage trusted SAS analytics.  This provides reassurance for those governing analytics environments, it presents options for hybrid analytics, and brings possibilities for analytic specialists, like Amadeus, to offer true software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on the SAS algorithms.


Increasing the speed and volume of analytics is not just dependent on ever more intelligent algorithms and CPUs, but also the teams who produce analytics.  Hypotheses are frequently put to Amadeus about the benefits of moving data preparation from SAS to a database, retaining flexibility to innovate whilst maximising security, controlling the sprawl of data marts, or the need to trace the flow of data through transformations, calculations to reporting.  Undoubtedly one or more of these objectives will be on your Analytics Managers and Directors to-do list.  Analytical Modernisation depends on process improvement - these benefits are easily recognised as the demands on your analysts grows


Do more, in more places and more quickly.  We achieve this in various ways.  Firstly, by putting analytics on the edge, i.e. processing data where it was generated in the first place.  When that's not possible we maximise the potential and flexibility of commodity hardware and remove traditional processing bottlenecks.   We scale by automating the repeatable, including the automation of monitoring and retraining models.  This means significantly more analytics can be achieved than would previously have been possible with the same number of analysts and statisticians.

Over the coming weeks, we examine each of these areas, taking tangible objectives by which we measure the success of Analytical Modernisation.  We encourage analysts and Data Scientists to adopt the technology and methodologies available, we encourage you to “Be Can Do”. Be part of this conversation by tweeting us your thoughts using the hashtag #BeCanDo.

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Amadeus matches the correct SAS solution to your business

Amadeus is uniquely positioned amongst SAS Resellers to license any SAS product or solution for our customers. SAS’ solutions, such as SAS® Viya, provide users with the flexibility to use work with languages they are already familiar with. Meanwhile, business focussed solutions such as SAS Enterprise Guide® offer point-and-click functionality for quick, intuitive analytics, without needing to write a line of code in any language.

The team at Amadeus Software are certified experts in the field of Analytic Modernisation, having recently had their expertise recognised by SAS. For transparent advice and to license the optimal SAS software solution to solve your business challenges, message our team of experts or call us on 01993 848010.