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Case Study: Long-Term Support Contract Ensures Confidence in Business-Critical Credit Risk Platform Performance and Output Quality

Essential business risk reduction achieved through the implementation and long-term support of a mission-critical credit risk analytics platform to enhance internal capabilities and ensure ongoing platform health without the need to recruit.

Banking Resize

Download a printer friendly version of our customer case study


Our customer works in the financial services industry, providing financial products to small and medium sized businesses. This B2B market is highly competitive and associated with high levels of risk. Therefore, it demands an effective and accurate method for identifying good and bad opportunities for a business loan. The customer’s team of SAS users comprises around 30 individuals, 20 of whom focus on credit risk analysis. Additional analytics tasks include data governance, MIS, savings and financial crime.

Some of the data output is also shared with the financial team to ensure compliance with IFRS 9.

Business issue

Prior to this project, the customer had limited capability for assessing credit risk – they only had a small number of individuals with personal installations of SAS. Accuracy and reliability of insights is essential - any issues could have a disastrous reputational impact and limit future business opportunities. The customer didn’t have the internal skills available to support the new analytics platform of their choosing.

Why was a solution required?

Following a business merger, the customer needed access to SAS Decision Manager to be in-line with its new partner business.

With the existing solution offering such a limited scope for analysing credit risk, the customer was exposing itself to high potential business risk. For example, they had limited capability to identify a customer who would be likely to default on a loan, or recognise the traits of potentially fraudulent activity.

The customer’s team of SAS users had excellent skills for programming and analysing the business data. However, there was little expertise for managing the administration of their new SAS platform.


The customer wanted an enterprise system to enhance the credit risk team. A larger team with greater capabilities would enable more intelligent decisioning regarding which customers to offer financial support to and which would pose too great a risk. In doing so, they aimed to reduce business risk. Any solution would need to be cost efficient, without the expense of licensing many additional licenses.

With the additional administrative pressures posed by a new platform, the customer sought a solution to ensure the health and longevity of its platform without distracting staff from day-to-day tasks. Any solution should be affordable and time-efficient, as well as compliant with stringent industry regulations.

Amadeus solution delivered

Amadeus’ solution combined the following elements:

  • Design and implementation of a brand-new SAS analytics platform, offering enhanced functionality to support new business insights and access to SAS Decision Manager.
  • A Managed Services contract to ensure the health of the customer’s environment was maintained long-term, through hot fixing, patching and resilience optimisation. Everyday tasks are managed, such as keeping data secure, adding new users and maintaining user access to the platform. This leaves internal staff free to focus on programming and generating value from the platform.  

Download a printer friendly version of our customer case study


The successful implementation of Amadeus’ solutions realised several key benefits for the customer:

  • Analytics platform and processes that are fully compliant with industry regulations, including IFRS 9 and the Basel Accords.
  • 98.13% of Level 0 and Level 1 SLAs met in the first two years of the contract, ensuring optimal platform performance and output quality. This is supported by annual Disaster Recovery (DR) testing to ensure the platform and associated elements can be reinstated quickly in a disaster.
  • Guaranteed availability of expert support to give confidence in the continuity of administrator skills, even in the face of potential staff turnover, sickness or holidays.
  • Access to expert skills and capabilities without having to recruit new team members or train up existing employees.