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Jump Aboard the Data Science Express

Did you know, 2.5 million terabytes of data are generated every single day from 6 billion devices (source).

That’s a lot of data out there, floating around ready to be analysed, modelled and reacted to. However, how do you go about that? There’s no denying that data science is a confusing beast. Offering so many different elements and opportunities, it’s no wonder that many companies are faced with an all too familiar predicament…

I know my organisation needs to implement data science. But how? And to find out what?

Many businesses have been guilty of not fully answering these questions before launching into their data science modelling. Consider this… can you ever truly gain the insight needed to transform your business if you haven’t fully identified what questions need answering?

Tell me more about Data Science as a Service

What can data science do in my industry?

We’ve highlighted some of the common applications for data science modelling within some of the key industries.

Data Science in Action Industry Application Crop

Data science on demand

Amadeus has been supporting its customers’ data science needs for years. Whatever the software or business questions you have, our teams bring the expertise to tap into the essential insight hidden within your data.

Many organisations, particularly those undergoing fast expansion, just don’t have the internal resources available to support additional pressure on workload. That’s where Amadeus’ Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) solution is so revolutionary - we can take all that pain off your hands. There’s just three simple steps…

1) Give us your data. We’ll store it and process it in line with security requirements and industry regulation

2) Ask us what you want to know.

3) Sit back and relax! Our experts will share data-driven insights tailored to your needs to empower your business for the future!

We need DSaaS in our organisation. Let’s get the conversation started…