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Case Study: Innovative Platform Rearchitecture Ensures Improved Performance and Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud

The first project of its kind, Amadeus delivered a sophisticated platform rearchitecture to overcome platform downtime and storage stability issues to significantly improve the effectiveness of analytics.

Insurance platform reform2

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Our customer is a leading name within the insurance industry, using its analytics platform to store and process vital personal and claims information for all areas of the business. With an enormous number of data sources containing information for existing and past clients and an ongoing need for access and insight, it’s essential the analytics environment is functioning at maximum capacity.  

Business issue

The customer faced a range of major limitations due to its existing analytics platform. Significant stability issues were having a seriously detrimental impact on teams’ productivity – with lasting effects that could roll over to the following day.

Meanwhile, slow batch jobs and frequent data load failures made it challenging to produce essential reports within deadlines and incorporating the latest data. Any potential failures in these areas risked large fines from regulators such as the FCA and the ICO under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All these factors restricted the customer’s ability to maximise the benefits from its investment in data.


The customer’s existing system was unstable and outdated and its existing storage system was no longer supported. Over time, its processing speeds had reduced dramatically, and the teams struggled with regular periods of downtime. This culminated in a platform that was no longer fit for purpose and needed upgrading.


The customer sought an approach that offered continuous platform availability to provide them with the certainty of being able to produce all analyses and associated reports to time and in compliance with regulatory standards.

Amadeus designed a solution which corresponded exactly with these requirements. Delivering such a sophisticated platform rearchitecture is complex, so the customer chose Amadeus to implement it on their behalf.

Amadeus solution delivered

Amadeus identified that the best approach was to migrate to a brand-new, rearchitected SAS Grid Platform. This involved a cutting-edge combination of technologies, using IBM Spectrum Scale storage on Linux, hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud. This powerful solution allowed users to work concurrently on complex analytical processing without compromising the overall platform performance. The configuration of IBM Spectrum Scale with replication across two servers ensured increased storage resilience.

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This project is the first reported case of its kind for a customer using SAS Grid Platform on AWS with IBM Spectrum Scale. This solution upgrade has delivered many key benefits for the customer:

  • A significant uplift in platform availability with no further platform-caused failures.

  • Greater storage capabilities, increasing stability and resilience in the face of potential infrastructure failure – a total of 20TB of shared storage available to the platform, offering 10TB of usable storage space and another 10TB for a concurrent data backup.

  • Improved storage performance enabled faster and better processing. Following the upgrade, key reports were available up to seven hours earlier.

  • The new platform ensured the reporting phase was planned, successful and executed on time every day, ensuring compliance with the industry’s FCA regulation.

  • Compliance with Europe’s GDPR legislation, avoiding risk of fines of up to €20m or 4% of annual turnover.

This state-of-the-art analytics solution maximised users’ productivity, minimised platform downtime and enhanced RoI from the customer’s investment in data.

Download a printer friendly version of our customer case study