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Identifying the Optimal Pricing Strategy for Your Organisation

Your pricing strategy can be a balancing act… whilst it may be tempting to increase the price of your product or service as an easy method of increasing revenue, the risk of losing custom must be countered.

Read an exploration of the factors that impact your pricing strategy from our partners, Redsella.  Download your copy of the essential “Optimal Pricing for Maximum Performance” below.

The Benefit of Advanced Analytics from the Amadeus Software and Redsella Partnership

Amadeus extends its Data Science services with their colleagues at Redsella, reputed experts within Data Science. 

Amadeus and Redsella’s combined skills and experience bring advanced analytical answers such as:

  • Price Optimisation
  • Marketing Optimisation
  • Segmentation
  • Personalisation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Cloud TCO

Together, Amadeus and Redsella bring the analytical platform to prepare data, visualise, analyse, deploy, monitor and support advanced Data Science methods.

Redsella has created and provided innovative Data Science solutions for over 25 years and has worked across most markets and business functions. It offers services ranging from consultancy and training, to bespoke solution design and the provision of complete operational solutions. 

Talk to us today about how this partnership can bring a competitive advantage to your organisation through advanced analytics - email To receive future partnership white papers, please click here.

Optimal Pricing for Maximum Performance - Partnership White Paper

It has always been a difficult balance between increasing profits through raising prices without jeopardising sales. Many opposing strategies exist as organisations across the industries seek their optimal solution to reflect the needs of your business and customers.

Redsella specialises in Data Science and is partner of Amadeus Software. Dr. Michael Kerin, co-founder of Redsella shares a paper which explores the facets of optimal pricing strategies. 

To download the contents, please complete the form and click "Go to Download":

About Amadeus Software

Amadeus is an independent analytics and data science consultancy and SAS Partner. Since its launch in 1989, Amadeus has been enabling businesses and organisations of all sizes and across all industries to optimise their use of analytics software and maximise their return on investment in data. We are recognised as industry experts and have a reputation for quality across our business services - SAS Software Reselling, Consultancy, Data Science, SAS Training, Managed Services and the Graduate Placement Programme.