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Futureproofing Your Organisation’s SAS Usage Through Optimised Processes

SAS® Viya™ and SAS 9 are environments that promote governance, productivity and reuse. In other words, we focus a vision on the benefits of analytics to business, rather than the business of producing analytics. Users and consumers of analytics must also be empowered with the correct productivity know-how and decision-making environments.

SAS provides organisations with an integrated platform from which they can process data through every stage of the analytics lifecycle. Its flexibility means data analytics environments can grow with the business, without the need for internal upheaval in the form of migrations or reworking trusted SAS jobs and processes. This scalability allows teams of SAS users to continue their data processing according to formalised, accurate procedures whilst improving data quality, avoiding error and rendering repeatable analytics. However, these processes must be under constant review to ensure continued high performance from the analytics. In today’s ever-changing world, market trends, industry environments and internal logistics don’t stay the same for long, and it is vital that your organisation is ready to adapt its processes as soon as these changes occur.

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How can Amadeus transform your organisation’s SAS processes?

Amadeus teaches productivity features and prepares your user community to work collaboratively across the analytics lifecycle. You are probably doing this already. Yet the insight from our Consultants, who are constantly expanding their product knowledge and have cumulative experience from across industries, bring valued know-how to every organisation.

There are too many practical examples to concisely describe here. Consider situations which make the best use of processing resources for data preparation, such as out-of-core-hour incremental data refreshing, to governance of SAS jobs through workflows and integrated source control. These are not innovative by today’s standards, yet continue to be performed countless times. When does your organisation:

  • Learn about the enhancements to SAS in the latest software updates? 
  • Evaluate the environments other than SAS Enterprise Guide® or SAS Studio, which may already be available to you? 
  • Use the data lineage diagramming capabilities of SAS Data Management to understand the flow of data through your processes and be able to identify PII data? 
  • Share knowledge about how you answered your business problem? 

And then you should consider,

  • If SAS Data Integration Studio and Data Management Studio are available to your site, do you understand their value over database programming?
  • Could your jobs, programs and data marts be securely reused? 

Amadeus promotes good practices within your team. We recognise where the right SAS solution adds productivity, provides continuity for the future and firmly focuses your efforts on delivering the benefits of analytics to your business.

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Find out more

Learn more about the importance of Analytical Modernisation in today's world in our previous blog.  To engage Amadeus to ensure your organisation’s processes, contact us today. Remember to share your thoughts and experiences on this topic with us using the hashtag #BeCanDo.