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Five reasons to migrate your analytics to SAS® Viya®

In a matter of weeks, SAS® Viya® 3.5, the latest version of its innovative cloud-enabled analytics platform, is due to be released. We’ve put together a short blog to dig deeper into the hype surrounding this platform…


Across the industry, cloud analytics is generally perceived as the future. It’s the pinnacle of flexibility, the empowerment of even more futureproof analytics. But, for those organisations who haven’t yet made the migration to the cloud, it can be difficult to understand exactly what that boils down to in terms of value for your business. We’ve summarised just some of the key benefits you can expect from a migration to a cloud-based SAS Viya platform:


The beauty of cloud-hosted analytics platforms is that they’re inherently flexible. SAS Viya can be scaled up and down as your business requirements shrink and swell. Whether that variation occurs over a number of months or over the course of a single day, by scaling your platform and processing requirements you make sure you only pay for what you use. This can offer the potential for real value and efficiencies within your organisation.

To understand more about scalability and what it really means for your business, take a look at our recent blog.

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Speedy insights

With ever-mounting competition as rivals seek to strengthen their grasp on the market, the ability to make quick, well-informed decisions is absolutely critical to ongoing success. SAS Viya’s in-memory processing ensures insight can be generated in near real-time, avoiding costly delays to your essential business decisions.

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Flexible licensing

Different licensing structures ensures your organisation gets access to the most appropriate bundle of products and software to meet your business’ and analysts’ needs. In doing so, it helps to ensure that you only pay for those products that are of most value to your business.

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Open source analytics

SAS Viya gives analysts the opportunity to work using their preferred programming language, whether that be SAS, R, Python, Lua, or Java. This openness ensures you access maximum value from your teams of data analysts without the need for them all to train up in SAS. To discover more about how openness can benefit your business, click here

One centrally-managed hub

SAS Viya provides a centralised base from which all your analytics stems. This web-based environment ensures your teams have all the tools they will need to manage, explore, process, interact with and optimise data (and more!). This one base can serve all your business users, no matter what their role in using the data, processing it in a secure, governed environment.