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Cloud: The Future of Analytics and Data Science

Amadeus has provided actionable insights, software and platforms to our customers for the last 30 years. Now we bring you analytics and data science without the need for software and hardware. How do our cloud services benefit you? 

Infographic: How can you benefit from Amadeus cloud services?

The diagram below highlight in blue those skills that Amadeus will provide you with under each cloud service.

Cloud Stack V2 Transparent

Realise benefits quickly

One of the challenges organisations are faced with is the inflexibility and maintenance of on-premise hardware and software.  Deploying an environment requires resource to architect, procure, build, test and deploy infrastructure.  This is time-consuming and increases the time to realising a benefit. Our cloud services can be available with hours, allowing customers to recognise time and cost savings.

Powerful resources

Gone are the compromises and contingencies when buying hardware that is expected to serve for several years.  Cloud platforms are inherently flexible, so you can turn up and turn down power as needs change.  Cloud services can be consumption based, leaving you the freedom to choose what how and when to consume compute power to benefit your business. 

Software for analytics, data science and AI

Availability of the best software without protracted license negotiation, lock-in or extended deployment time is important to recognising a rapid return from analytics.  Be it SAS, Microsoft, open source or another product, Amadeus can provide flexibility with the right product for your requirement.

Mobility and high availability

Your teams can be located anywhere whilst working from a common analytics platform.  Using technology such as AWS and Azure, your analytics services can be distributed around the globe, providing assurance of service availability. 

Efficiency and flexibility

Back to the original question, how can cloud services benefit you, our customers?  The answer is efficiency and flexibility.  By combining our know-how of analytics and data science solutions with the cloud, we deliver faster times to realise benefits from analytics, and adapt to software and hardware to changing demand.

Find out more about Amadeus cloud services

Stay competitive – flexibility, scalability, cost savings and environment management are just steps away with Amadeus cloud services. Contact us to harness these benefits in days within your organisation and maximise your competitivity.