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Broadening Opportunities for SMEs Through Data Science in the Cloud

We all have data, some of us have a lot! But, if we’re going to keep all this data then we need to make it work for us. The answer to this is data science, ie. using the data resources we have to inform our decisions for the future.

Amadeus Cloud analytics data science

Amadeus has a new way of making your data work harder for you to generate insights more quickly and cheaply than ever before.

Here at Amadeus, we’ve been helping our customers with data science for many years. In the past, a common hurdle has been the hefty upfront investment in technology and infrastructure required to really squeeze the value out of this data. Couple that with the high cost of ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure and you can understand how this has left data science far out of reach for growing businesses. This has been a real frustration at Amadeus, as these are just the types of businesses who would benefit the most!

How could my business benefit from using data science?

But, there’s brighter days ahead thanks to the opportunities presented by the cloud.

Using the flexibility provided by cloud platforms, Amadeus offers their customers the insights provided by data science without the commitment and overheads of a full analytics platform. And here’s how…

Using cloud-based infrastructure, we can provision a powerful analytics platform sized to meet the data requirement of the client in just a few hours. Once we have the data on the platform, our data scientists can get to work providing actionable insight to our customers. Then comes the best part, we can simply switch it all off! When we need to refresh or expand the analysis, we switch it back on and pick up where we left off. When the data grows (it always grows!) we simply turn up the power to meet the new requirements.

All of this allows us to greatly reduce our data processing overheads, meaning we can provide data science to our customers at an affordable price. With subscription options available, we can update models and analysis to provide continued insight as often as it is needed.

 I want to empower my business insight with data science

This scalable, affordable data science solution provides an incredibly exciting opportunity for those start-up businesses and SMEs really looking to grow their business based on cold, hard evidence and insight.