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Brand New SAS Enterprise Guide V8 Live Web Classes

Do you finally need to re-start your staff development and training programmes?

Lots of companies have put staff training and development on hold for nearly a year.   But those companies still have cohorts of motivated, technically-able employees who urgently require the knowledge and skills to do their jobs more effectively and productively. 

So, how do companies train their employees while at the same time ensuring they stay safe? 

Video-based training is on the increase, with a wealth of cheap instructional videos available on the internet.  But, our customers (and even our Amadeus employees) tell us that video-based online training, whilst helpful in short bursts, can be totally uninspiring and, quite frankly, …. bring and ineffective!

Brand new, live, instructor-led web training classes launched by Amadeus for SAS Enterprise Guide

In direct response to the Covid situation, we have embraced the new style of working by delivering our instructor-led SAS training through live web classes.  Last year we posted a blog about our move to web-based classes

Why should you consider our new Live Web Classes?

At Amadeus we have always championed instructor-led training with benefits such as:

  • You are taught live and real-time, by experienced instructors who have used the software as well as teach it
  • Classes are fully-interactive
  • You can ask questions at any time
  • There are hands-on exercises to reinforce learning
  • Instructor are available at all times to help whenever you need it
  • Instructors can react to the pace, skills and needs of each class

Our live web classes have additional benefits:

  • The instructor, their computer monitor, and whiteboards are all accessible from multiple cameras
  • Attendees can change the camera view whenever they want
  • Accessed from home or the workplace
  • No travel costs
  • No accommodation costs
  • No subsistence costs
  • Less time “out of the office”
  • The same classroom experience

Start live web training with SAS Enterprise Guide Version 8

While the world has held its breath for twelve months, technology and innovation has continued apace, with SAS releasing version 8.3 of Enterprise Guide in the last year.

SAS Enterprise Guide version 8.3 is a major new release and is now bundled with any new SAS installation and upgrade.  Existing SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 users will require help and training to ensure that their valuable time and skills are not wasted investigating this new interface without a formal training plan.

Amadeus has just released a new SAS Enterprise Guide version 8 course, available now as a live web class.  Building on our previous version 7 course, it covers the additional new features of version 8, plus lots of new examples and exercises.

The course now also comes in three flavours:

  1. SAS Enterprise Guide – 2 days
    • Assumes no knowledge of SAS or SAS Enterprise Guide
    • Builds understanding of SAS data, libraries and Enterprise Guide tasks
  1. SAS Enterprise Guide – Fast Track: Existing SAS Users – 1 day
    • Aimed at existing SAS users who already understand the concepts of SAS libraries and data
    • Focusing on the functionality of SAS Enterprise Guide, including tasks
  1. SAS Enterprise Guide: SAS Programmers – 0.5 day
    • Aimed at users who only use the Enterprise Guide interface to write and run SAS programs
    • Not including Enterprise Guide tasks and other wizards

How to Book

The two day SAS Enterprise Guide course is available now on our public schedule. Book your place today.

If you would like us to run one of the shorter, targeted versions of the courses above for your staff please contact us.

Current SAS Enterprise Guide Users Free Demonstration

If you currently use SAS Enterprise Guide and would like to find out more about SAS Enterprise Guide version 8 you are invited to join our complimentary live web demonstration What’s New in Enterprise Guide 8 taking place on Friday 23th April.

This two hour session will introduce you to new features of the SAS Enterprise Guide 8 interface in comparison to previous versions of the application. 

Book Your Place Training