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Case Study: Annual Customer Savings of £25,000 with an Amadeus Analytics Platform Support Contract

Providing platform administration support to complement the skills of the customer’s existing analytics team, enabling the optimisation of clinical reporting without the need to recruit.

Overcoming financial and recruitment challenges

Download a printer friendly version of our customer case study


The customer specialises in the analysis and reporting of data arising from high-profile, international clinical trials. Analytics enables their team of data users to recognise key trends and patterns. Without a fast turnaround of these analytics, it could slow the rate at which new medicines enter the market.

Business issue

Accuracy, reliability and efficiency are essential within the Life Sciences industry. However, a legacy analytics environment and limited in-house platform administration skills meant the environment was no longer providing the efficient performance required to keep up with demand. Any issues regarding accuracy or reliability could have a disastrous reputational impact and limit future business opportunities.

Why was a solution required?

The customer’s analytics platform generates insight from data produced during clinical trials initiated by pharmaceutical organisations. These organisations approach our customer when they don’t have the internal resources to commit to obtaining the essential insights within the data.

The customer’s limited in-house platform administration skills led to a few issues and errors that slowed platform performance, making it difficult for the analytics team to produce data-driven, actionable insights fast enough to meet demand. This meant longer waiting times for their pharmaceutical customers, potentially slowing the rate at which essential cures can make it to market. To employ an additional member of staff to fill the skills gap would be a significant financial burden, as well as bring about the risks associated with recruiting a new staff member.


The customer sought the most efficient solution to respond to their needs and ensure the health and longevity of its platform. Any solution should be affordable and time-efficient, as well as compliant with stringent industry regulations.

The customer also sought to overcome the variation in programming skills of its analysts, to ensure consistent, repeatable analytics that generate valuable, accurate insights.

Amadeus solution delivered

Amadeus’ solution combined the following elements:

  • A platform upgrade to improve system performance. Thanks to years of experience in platform upgrades, Amadeus’ experts were able to avoid all risks commonly associated with upgrades. Their presence also left in-house data users free to concentrate on their primary function.

  • A Managed Service contract ensured the health of the customer’s environment was maintained long-term, through hot fixing, patching and resilience optimisation, whilst reducing the cost of accessing these skills for the customer.

  • On-site training to enhance the skills of the customer’s in-house programmers.

All future analytics software license renewals are handled by Amadeus on behalf of the customer.  

Download a printer friendly version of our customer case study


The successful implementation of Amadeus’ solutions realised several key benefits for the customer:

  • A significantly faster analytics platform following the upgrade, enabling much greater data processing and efficiency, concurrent usage and heightened staff satisfaction.

  • Savings of more than £25,000 per annum through avoiding the need to hire a new employee.

  • Analytics platform and processes that are fully compliant with industry regulations, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and CFR11 Part 21.

  • Confidence in the continuity of administrator skills, even in the face of potential staff turnover.

  • Improved, consistent skills across teams of data users, rendering the insights more accurate and repeatable.