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Amadeus provides Data Science expertise across the following areas: Forecasting, Propensity Modelling, Segmentation, Data Mining and Reporting, Simulation and Optimisation. We employ sophisticated algorithms and Deep Learning tools (including methods such as supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)) to generate essential, actionable insight. This informs customers’ future business strategies, allowing them to maximise RoI from their Big Data to exploit competitive advantage. With experience across all major verticals, we have highlighted some typical Data Science projects below.


We use applied analytics to identify key trends amongst customers, such as their propensity to behave in a certain way, to identify and forecast business-critical insights, such as customer lifetime value, customer loyalty, potential for fraud and future claims. Using these insights, your organisation can ensure the optimal pricing strategy based on risk. Internet of Things (IoT) telemetry data provides deeper understanding of customer tendencies and motivations, to allow targeted upselling or cross-selling and to maximise revenue.


Our Data Scientists segment customers into target groups according to characteristics and traits, including purchase history, preferences and needs, to identify those that offer maximum profitability and highest churn. These insights can be used to enhance customer loyalty through personalised discounts, targeted content and accurate product recommendations. Performance can be assessed regionally, or by store, or across individual online tactics, such as PPC and display advertising, to assess individual campaigns and media mix plans.

Finance and Banking

We support our banking and finance customers, through identifying potential for risk, bad debt and arrears, to optimise their pricing strategies and forecast future performance. We simulate alternative market scenarios to ensure effective resource management and to maintain a deep understanding of the ongoing industry dynamics, enabling a fast response to any major change. Customer segmentation enables teams to target customers with appropriate up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, whilst trigger events can highlight any areas for concern across market activities or across customer behaviour.


Data Science techniques are applied to understand viewers’ preferences and habits in order to personalise offers and content. These targeted activities allow organisations to enhance loyalty and retain “at risk” customers. We provide insight for the enhancement of marketing strategies to maximise returns through encouraging up-selling and cross-selling opportunities according to pre-calculated optimal levels. Models are used to ensure resource efficiency maximises RoI across the organisation, whilst accurate forecasting sees these efficiencies continue into the future.


Dig deeper into identifying and understanding customers to maximise sales opportunities and develop optimal pricing strategies. These activities will feed into increased customer loyalties through enhanced customer satisfaction. Also identify trends amongst customer data to observe potentially criminal behaviour.


Use population insights and behaviours to develop evidence-based decisions and formulate accurate forecasts to achieve optimal resource efficiency. Conduct optimisation investigations and develop contingency plans to ensure workload continues to be managed effectively, even in the face of potential budget cuts, so targets continue to be met and needs monitored.


Employ Data Science techniques to better understand and predict customer behaviour across different segments to personalise and improve customer experience and maximise profitability. Provide accurate forecasting of demand to enable predictions and forward planning, providing your organisation with an advantage in a competitive marketplace. Assess those customers at risk to identify those who offer future profitability and develop tactics to build loyalty, whilst recognising those who don’t. We help you to identify opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell products and services to those customers for whom they would be most relevant.

Human Resources (HR)

Apply data science to your Human Resources for the benefit of staff retention, engagement and recruitment.  Identify with confidence those staff most at risk of burnout, which potential recruits will suit your business, or where closing knowledge gaps will boost productivity.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Maximise the efficiency of your business-critical medical trials to ensure rigorous testing and inform diagnostics, whilst reducing time taken to get products to market. Realise maximum operational efficiency across teams by observing trends and forecasting accurately to identify issues before they impact and ensuring optimal usage of resources.


Increase efficiency across operational processes to grow output and optimise workflows. Identify past challenges to ensure they can be avoided in the future, and forecast accurately to ensure you can meet demand, whilst minimising stockpiles. Avoid theft or loss through closer examination of stock levels and utilise the Internet of Things and other advanced technology to automate processes and reduce wastage at each stage.


Enhance campaigns through increasingly targeted messaging and segmentation to ensure content is relevant to students’ interests and motivators. Optimise pricing according to demand, availability, returns and wider market conditions to maximise sales and profitability. Predict drop-off levels and achievement rates to increase the value of selection recommendations for the student and the educational institution. Improve resource allocation to maximise organisation-wide performance. 


Keep your business running efficiently and effectively to minimise costs, achieve targets and optimise customer service. Predict transport failure to take preventative steps, re-plan schedules quickly to ensure continued resource allocation and prevent fraudulent activity. Examine past data to identify key business segments, identify ongoing market conditions and optimise responses to maintain competitive advantage.


Amadeus provides Decision Science capabilities using a range of software and techniques, including SAS Enterprise Miner, R and Python. Through the application of Machine Learning techniques, we deliver Artificial Intelligence. We automate insight, including customer data, clinical trials or streaming data from distributed devices (IoT). Using established models and techniques such as linear and logistic regression, support vector machines (SVM), k-means clustering and neural networks to name just a few. We offer robust, reliable, repeatable analytics to empower your organisation for the future.


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