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Customer Case Studies

Amadeus provides support to customers across all key verticals, such as retail, life sciences, insurance, banking and media

Working across all key industries, Amadeus' experts have the essential insight, flexibility and experience needed to ensure maximum RoI from customers' data.

Transforming a Legacy System into a Faster more Efficient Central SAS Platform.

Modernising to a server solution to improve speed and efficiency in order to free up time to progress clinical trials quicker and reach solutions faster. 

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Improving Clinical Data Efficiencies and Increasing Speed to Market.

Transforming statistical analysis capabilities with an affordable, bespoke, validated environment that enables rapid growth and deeper exploration of clinical data. 

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Provision of business-critical technical skills during peak demand to meet clinical trial deadlines

Recruitment of SAS® certified data science skills to provide critical support and “just-in-time” expertise to support the analysis of high-profile clinical trials.

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Annual customer savings of £25,000 with an analytics platform support contract

Providing platform administration support to complement the skills of the customer’s existing analytics team, enabling the optimisation of clinical reporting without the need to recruit.

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Time to complete risk governance-related actions reduced by 68% with essential framework rebuild

Optimised operational risk management following the implementation of a bespoke solution, improving monitoring and speeding up incident resolution.

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Health and fitness retailer implements essential sales analytics to maximise future profitability

Implementation of a cloud analytics platform to realise enhanced brand recognition and enable rapid growth within the highly competitive health and fitness retail market.

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Global entertainment firm improves email marketing RoI with data science

Implementation of advanced techniques and automated processes to reduce this retail customer's marketing costs and maximise email campaign RoI.

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Essential enterprise architecture assessment to resolve unsustainable IT infrastructure

The customer sought a proposal for a new software system to overcome critical business risk posed by its existing, outdated IT infrastructure. Amadeus provided a comprehensive set of recommendations and a strategic roadmap to mitigate risk and realise additional key benefits.

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Customised analytics training to empower analysts in the pursuit of a cure for cancer

Shortening the time to full productivity for this life sciences customer through the provision of a bespoke, global analytics training programme.

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University improves academic performance with SAS Visual Analytics

Creation of a suite of reports to provide insight into the student journey through to employment. To do so successfully, the University needed to be able to collect data from multiple sources.

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Keeping the streets safer with crime forecasting

Providing essential insight to empower police forces to optimise resource allocation in the ongoing fight against crime.

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Improved performance & regulatory compliance through cloud platform rearchitecture

The first project of its kind, Amadeus delivered a sophisticated platform rearchitecture to overcome platform downtime and storage stability issues.


Transformation of credit risk decisioning with state-of-the-art, cloud analytics solution

Transformation of the capability and scalability of the customer's analytics platform, replacing an inadequate analytics solution with SAS® Viya® hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

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Annual savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds through critical process reform

Migration of key business processes to a SQL Server warehouse, coupled with optimised coding, improves internal productivity and realises key cost savings.

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IFRS 9 compliance model execution time reduced by 20%+

Essential SAS model optimisation to generate significant internal efficiencies in IFRS 9-critical reporting.

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SAS containerisation improves data enrichment for the insurance industry

Critical implementation of SAS software to support start-up Percayso Inform in realising its goal of delivering enriched data for customers in the insurance industry. This is developed using bespoke data modelling of customer profiles and insurance data.

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Essential visualisations to inform important internal efficiencies

Implementation of a new reporting system to centralise reporting and improve visual representation of data insights across critical corporate reports.

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Long-term support contract ensures confidence in business-critical credit risk platform

Essential business risk reduction achieved through the implementation and long-term support of a mission-critical credit risk analytics platform to enhance internal capabilities and ensure ongoing platform health without the need to recruit.

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Platform deployment to enhance availability, performance and scalability

Deployment and configuration of a global SAS grid platform to improve performance for SAS users worldwide.

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Longstanding Analytics Platform Support for Major Government Department

Longstanding contract to support a critical analytics platform within a major government department. As a trusted partner, Amadeus provides rapid support for urgent queries and strategic advice.

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